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    Default Want to hook up with ex colleague

    Right, so the background:

    In my work I need to talk to the Compliance team quite a lot and they hired a new member about 4 months ago. She's quite junior in the company so I don't have to talk to her much, but when I do I noticed serious ioi's. She's a HB8, but not the type of person I would usually go for and I didn't really put much effort into it at the time. She seemed quite shy in the office whenever I met her, but I know she is quite bright too which is good! Last week was my leaving party on the Friday and as the night went on there were only 6 of us left her friends from Uni/College (1m , 2f), her, my friend and I. Again there were serious IOI's including her holding my hand, wanting to dance, rubbing my chest and biceps etc. She seemed tobe a different person! Thats where it all gets a little hazy, in the end I don't think anything happened that night for various reasons and mainly as I was too drunk to game (forgive me it was a leaving do!). Although I do recall playing her off against a couple of other chicks.

    Anyway on Monday I had to go round her side of the office and her colleagues asked me about the night out, as Iwas chatting to them I saw her lookign out of the corner of my eye and looked straight back. She immediately blushed and looked down. I ad to send her a few emails and kept them all work related and then today I just throught screw it so I sent her the following emails (changed names)


    Iíve been run off my feet this week preparing to leave and Iíve not had a chance to ask you how your Friday night went Ė seemed like your friends had a great night!

    In any event do you happen to remember being dared to mess up someoneís afro!??"

    She responded with:

    They thought it was a good night thanks, although we all agreed food was definitely needed!! Hope you enjoyed it?

    Haha I think I know when you a bad feeling about you asking!!

    I remembered yesterday the photos taken by Charlie of Richard in the devil ears..made me giggle!

    I then had a meeting and responded after she left work with the following:

    Well... turns out heís a Jackson 5 impersonator and heís not happy with his new hairstyle! I may even have a video of the incident...

    Glad they had fun, good night out. I saw the photoís yesterday, but my memory from the night was a little vague! Iím pretty sure we all left the club around 12:30?

    Once she responds what should I do next?? Tomorrow is my last dayin the office...I either wait till the 22nd Nov when its her bosses leaving party or try the direct approach and give her my number and tell her we'll meet up on Friday?

    Thoughts or other alternatives most welcome?

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    Default Re: Want to hook up with ex colleague

    Either direct or get her number because it's your last day in the office and you wanna party with your colleagues again (but not). Then you have your number, make plans with your colleagues (or not) and just start your texting game.

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