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    Default Eye contact and frame

    I have read some material that states you should make eye contact with the girl you are interested in from a distance and then if she smiles approach, but since i am not that good looking they usually look away or give me a fuck off kinda of look. It seems like this advice will only work for guys that are good looking? Is approaching without creating that look better for unattractive guys or what? Plus, when I approach it is hard to adopt the frame of I am the selector when I know to myself she is so sexy and I want her?

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    Default Re: Eye contact and frame

    In the past couple weeks I've been testing this quite a bit. This is usually how it goes..

    She looks up at me, I look at her and she looks away as soon as she sees me look at her, but like the red Barron says, if she looks at you, its pretty much an invitation to go talk to her whether she's interested or not. The past couple weeks I have approached after the first exchange of looks happening exactly like that twice and on both occasions they let me sit next to them for an hour with the first set and two hours with the next set.

    Now whether she finds you attractive or not I don't think matters, she will find your courage attractive enough to give you a chance, in which case you can gain attraction by showing alpha characteristics. Otherwise what I do is Push Pull her to the point that it doesn't even matter whether your attractive or not assuming you at least maintain good hygeine.

    Last night when I was at the club and I opened it went the exact same way. There were plenty of guys in the club more attractive than me, and we all knew that, so I push pulled them, when I walked away to request a song I established a time bridge, and when we went to dance, a lot of guys that were much more attractive than I was, they would turn and start dancing with me instead even though they had better options. To be honest I was a little taken aback by that but thats the beauty of pick up.

    The easiest way to adopt the frame is to put yourself on the same level as her at first which you blatantly do by opening her. When you open her when your less attractive than she is, she sees that your confident about something and she will want to see what you have to offer.

    I honestly don't believe in the make eye contact thing as much as most people. In most approaches I make eye contact with her a few seconds before I open and judge her body language before I pick a suitable opener. You don't have much time to do so, but if you can't think of them, just ask to sit with her, but give a reason for why you want to. Adam Lyons has a youtube show called dating sciences and in one of the episodes they proved that if you have an excuse, not necessarily even a good one, but just an excise as to why you want to sit with her she will almost always let you sit with her
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