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    Default Still in school and need an opener? I gotcha

    So last week I was in my calculus 3 math class and had an epiphany on how to open any girl while in school. We took a test, which i didn't study and still managed to get a 70 lol

    Basically no matter how you do on the test you can use it to your advantage by asking how she did on the test.

    If you scored poorly on the test, ask the girl wow you must be a genius or something now you have to tutor me.

    If you scored high on the test, tell her yeah this stuff is easy maybe if you are lucky i will teach it to ya sometime

    I opened with this and number closed on the spot with this and she got a 80 on the test. Hope this helps

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    Default Re: Still in school and need an opener? I gotcha

    Nice i use to do a similar thing and it does work...

    I like to appeal to the competitor inside us all and make life a game...

    i made up a technique and the first place i tested it was when i used to go to school before i knew about PUAing

    i call it Charging

    if anyone asked me a question i would hapily give them an answer or possibly if they asked to borrow a pen ect§ id give it to them...

    But... at a price. yeah you can have it but you'll owe me a...

    some examples i use

    1. A hug
    2. Ya phone number
    3. A peck on the cheek

    she may agree or just laugh either way doesnt matter too much...

    when she gives it back its time to collect lol i used to get tons of hugs lol after awhile they just started hugging me whenever we would see each other and i had that relationship with tons of girls at the school...

    some even would get dressed in front of me...

    only problem was that i was unwittingly being put into the friend zone lol but still i had a huge rapport among my guy friends who always called me a flirt lol

    i was also a magician and would show card tricks a lot

    and a musician and would sit around playing and singing songs lol

    thinking back i was PUAing before i knew the world existed

    so many techniques i read about i used to do without realising it...

    Entering this world has basically helped me look at my current Game and figure out what did and didnt work and why

    Look at me using a forum like a journal lol

    Chappy ^_^

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    Default Re: Still in school and need an opener? I gotcha

    lol what i do is go around and ask people for their food at lunchtime.

    its indirect but you get fucking food :P

    Thats what iv been doing 2 weeks ago.

    Today this is what i said to most girls in lunchtime.

    "from now on, call me super sexy man big boner 10, if you ever see me in the hallway, call me by that name."

    they usually say yes or no but they always smile

    And the coolest thing about it is you can come back later or tommorow and say "WHATS MY NAME?"

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