Prepared zingers for commonly asked questions are often one of the most useful tools in the box. She's going to be curious about you. You want to remain mysterious. Maybe you're poor as hell, unemployed and living on your buddy's couch. You don't want her to know that right away.

So I often have stock answers for common questions but the one every asks involves your job. Some of my favs are from Tyler Durden.

"I'm a gigolo, but don't worry sweetie, friendship is free."

I'll often turn my back to them for a moment and speak over my shoulder "At least for the first 15 minutes. Its a try before you buy deal."

But I just field tested a new one I found at random in the comments section of some pua unrelated music geek blog.

Q: Are you employed?/Have a job, etc.

A:Not only am I employed, I'm responsible for the shaping or young minds

Q:Really whats that?

A:I'm a dog trainer.

Dude I field tested this last night during a break in the gig me and my band were playing last night. She came up to me admiring my fedora and my phat bluesman outfit. I'm a harmonica player so I adopted an awesomely unique persona dressing up with denim sportcoats and matching jeans. Matching sweater or turtleneck with gold chain or even buttondown and tie! Top it all off with a weatherd fedora cocked at an angle I'm an absolute rock star. Straight up peacocking.

So I field tested this. but really its obvious right off the bat you'll get serious laughs from this one.

Good Luck