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Thread: Please critique my day approach

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    Post Please critique my day approach

    Hey Iím pretty new to the game just starting out. I want to do a day approach, but I need your opinions on my routine. Any tips would be helpful. I want to start my PU with an indirect opener to feel more comfortable. Later on I will try doing some direct openers, but thatís after I get some field experience. So I would walk up to a girl and say:

    Me: hey, what time is it? (so itís not totally random)
    Hb: itís blah blah

    Me: Since youíre here I have a quick question, I want to know your opinion so my nieceís birthday is in a month, she loves animals and I what to buy a cat or a dog. Which one do you suggest I get her?
    Hb: blah blah cat

    Me: yeah I thought about a cat, but on the other hand a dog seems more human friendly and she can be more physically active with a dogÖ
    Hb: blah blah

    Me: what do you think if I got a cat or dog from the animal shelter do you think thatís a good idea?
    Hb:blah blah after she stops talking
    Me: btw my name is _____ ( she introduces herself)

    Then I would go onto some Fluff meanwhile do some simple negs and simple dhv. Basically I would talk about something I can hook onto from what she says earlier. If things are going the right direction I try to # close with a line (credit not mine):

    Me: hey I have to go meet my friend last question do you have a phone or should I just use smoke signals?
    Hb: laugh smoke signals should be fine
    Me: well I need a number to which I can send the smoke signal (take out phone and give it to her)

    Plz share what you think

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    Default Re: Please critique my day approach


    My advice: forget that ENTIRE routine. It's way to complicated and the interaction won't always play out the way you expect it to.

    Look Bro... Put on some decent looking shoes, get a cheap but cool watch, go out on your daily routine and when you see a cute girl Just walk to her and say "Hey" ...then smile. Literally that's all you need to do. Complexity creates awkwardness every single time. Practice that then work on holding a fun conversation based on the things you're most passionate about. Find common interests, then get the number, and proceed from there.

    Be happy with "hello" even if that's as far as you get. I coach guys and that's the number one guiding principle that results in the biggest moments of clarity and improvement.

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