So, I want to share a successful experience I had.
I currently am located in Japan, and this summer I attended a festival. Now I was in traditional Japanese Yukata, (Automatic peacocking?) and a group of 3 girls looked my way as I was trying to head off a HB8, but decided the group might be more successful. I turned to them and simply opened my set in English. (A PUA here, based on his own experience told me that a set opened in English, even with a simple 'Hello' in Japan is often an automatic dhv.)

My approach to this was the Name game. I would find a way to assign 3 nicknames, only 1 being positive. The idea, give the bad nickname to the one I'm aiming for, and sort of let it hot-potato between them.

This was a little bit of a challenge, because due to language barriers, you can't be too wordy with negs. So resort to body language and push and pull.

The PUA who taught me most of the stuff I use before joining this site (also my best friend) was my wing man.

Me: Hello! You look cute, whats your names?
As they introduce themselves to me I give a firm repeat of their names and a "Nice to meet you!"
One pipes in with "What's your name?"
To which I give her a reply and ask "What do you all do?"
They tell me how they just finished work and are checking out the festival before they head home. (Gives me a good time restraint.)
So I look at one in the group across from my target, and say:
"You look like the 'Nice' one! You have a nice smile!"
To which the Target jumps in and says "Me? Me?"
I look like I was rudely interrupted as I turn to my wing man and the second girl.
"You, must be the 'crazy' one!" I reply to the Target.
At that point, Girl #2 knows whats coming so she jumps to my wing man and tries to bum a nickname off of him. To which as she touches his arm, he gives a surprised look to the group.
"Did you see that? I think this one is the (pervert)!"
*Pervert stated in Japanese as its an English term often unfamiliar with even higher level speakers there. However the Japanese term can also just mean someone who likes to grope, so it can have a lighter playful meaning too.

So now, we have 2 girls with bad nicknames, doing what they can to shuffle around the 1 good nickname to themselves.
Sort of like a point game, they end up trying to get our attention via IOIs and sh!t tests. False IODs and even resorting to touching and accidentally throwing away their title for the perverted one.

This phase went on for about 2 minutes as we had various small talk with them to get to know them.
(What area they live near)
(Favourite things)

By the end of the night my wing man and I number closed all 3 girls, and we even continued to meet with them a few times after. I got a few days in with my target too.

All in all, body language, push-pull, and simple name game works wonders for language barriers.
For me at least haha.

So, my question to you guys is:
What do you do for language barriers, and how does your game change?