Hey guys,

I've started trying to overcome approaching girls during the day. Just the act of saying something gets is a crazy adrenaline rush. It doesn't help that I'm very picky and only want to approach girls I find damn hot.

Today I managed to talk to one, a few sentences only though. But I was proud that I managed to even say something. The location was at a coffee shop during morning rush-hour. I got into line, and beside me is the table with the setup (milk, creme, garbage, lids, etc). She was prepping her drink and I simply asked "Hey how's the coffee here?". She told me it's pretty good. I asked "Oh ok, is there a coffee here that you recommend?". She suggested and that's when she finished prepping, and I just ended it. I felt pressured that she had to go. With that pressure, I think I tensed up and didn't know what to say. I'm a pretty nice guy, I didn't want to hold her up. Just asking her if the coffee here was already pushing it for me, because I'm a regular! HAHAHAH.

Any suggestions in general, or as to what I could have done to keep it going. I'd want to be able to close her, but chances of that seem slim with such a short timeframe. Is it possible?

Cheers guys!