The lack of confidence is really an issue of focus. Whenever people “suffer” from a lack of confidence, it’s because they have been focusing things like:

How do I say?

What do I say next?

Will the audience laugh at me?

What if I fail?

How will they look at me?

Where I am going my face?

How am I going to face others in future?

instead you can try to:

1. Break the pattern of negative habits.

2. Focus on your audience, not what they think of you.

3. Focus on your message for your audience.

4. Focus on the higher values for your audience.

5. Understand that the speech it’s for your audience, not you.

6. Speak for your audience, it’s not you. Craft your speech to their listening ears and curious sight.

7. Establish your credibility.

8. Earn their respect.

9. Shape their mind and hearts when you’ve got credibility and earn their respect.

just do it, you cant win if you dont play!