My friend Jarod just published a new blog post that I want to share with my friends here.

He does a GREAT job of explaining why you need to do BOTH.


Texting versus calling has been an issue since the beginning of time… Okay, maybe not.
BUT! There’s always a but huh? A lot of people talk about this topic once they get a girls number. “Well it’s 2012 a lot of girls only communicate through text,” or “I only hook my dates up through text, there’s no need to talk anymore,” and blah, blah, blah.

You want to do both.
If you’re not good at talking on the phone, you’re going to have to talk on that thing A LOT to get it down then. If texting isn’t your thing well it looks like you’re going to be a texting freak for the next few weeks/months until you have mastered it.

Why do you have to master both? Because you want to be well rounded when it comes to dating. You can’t be super smooth through text and then once you’re on the phone you’re a complete dud. You have to be just as charming on the phone.

If you’re a master texter, take exactly what you’re doing through text and do that on the phone. Be just as silly/smooth as you are but verbally make it happen.

A lot of guys try and hide behind text so they don’t fark things up on the phone (when you’re super new that’s fine) but once you start getting decent result at this dating stuff you have to step your game up and avoid doing things like that.

If you’re flirty, witty and super funny through text and then you go on a date and you’re this normal, non-flirty, not so talkative guy you’re done for. You won’t be getting another date from the chick.

Now say that you’re flirting through text and then one day you deiced to switch things up and get her on the phone and you have her laughing, she’s enjoying herself… you’re setting the tone for the date like THIS IS HOW WE’RE GOING TO BE on our date… having fun and laughing.

I always recommend calling her AT LEAST once before the date to get her use to you so she can hear your voice, see what your personality is like and to flirt with her for a bit to show her that you’re not a weirdo.

Girls are always texting on their phones with their girlfriends, guys they’re talking to and probably their family depending on how cool they are with them, lol.

Here’s what you do…

Texters –

Call 5 girls in your phone TODAY! You will get some texts back and when you do tell them, “Call me when you’re free, silly.” Get them on the phone and talk for 2-5 minutes and then let them go so you can call the next chick.

The next day do the same thing call 5 more girls and talk to them for 2-5 minutes. If you only have a few girls in your phone, wait a day for two and then do it again with the same girls. Talk your ass off. PRACTICE. You want to avoid asking questions.

DO NOT ASK ANY QUESTIONS – Turn all your questions into statements while you’re doing this. If you start asking questions stop for a second, think on how you can turn your next question into a statement and then talk.

No more, “So what are you up to?” you now have to say things like, “You sound like you’re watching Ricky Lake, please tell me you’re not.” Whatever it is you come up with, just don’t ask a single question. Again, if the chemistry is there call her back later after you’ve made all five of your calls.

Keep it entertaining so she has no doubt in her mind about hanging out with you. Don’t stress on it if you think you’re going to lose her or mess this up. Practice makes perfect and after a few phone calls you’ll start to get the hang of it.

Smooth talkers –

If you’re a sh1tty texter, keep it simple….
Open with a statement – “This burrito I just ate did indeed hit the spot.”

She’ll respond

You bust on her response

She responds to your banter

You poke fun at her response one more time

She’ll respond to your text

You go into “normal conversation topics”. But be a bit different.

Instead of saying, “How was your day, “ say things like, “Tell me you’re having a good day, woman.”

Start all your conversations like this for 3 weeks and you’ll be good to go and you’ll start to get basics of how to keep a text conversation going.

No more talking unless the girls seriously lost looking for your place and you need to give her directions, texting would get a bit frustrating, lol.