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Thread: Game Insights from a Woman

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    Default Game Insights from a Woman

    Hey guys, a female friend of mine just wrote some awesome information that I wanted to share. I think its a good female perspective of the game. Let me know what you guys think, if you drop a reply with any feedback I will try to get her to share more stuff with you guys. Enjoy!

    “A lady’s imagination is very rapid; it jumps from admiration to love, from love to matrimony in a moment.”
    ― Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice

    When done correctly, this is true. What does done correctly mean? There are 2 answers to this. One is easy, the other is difficult. The easy was one is this, read Jane Austen’s book. Anyone will do. They aren’t too romantic, even if they are old world and the dude is definitely man enough. Observe and take notes. Feel free to take a favorite line and run with. (I crushed hard on an immature guy once simply because he could quote Shakespeare and Beatles lines properly.)

    The second and difficult one has made me think. It’s not a single one thing, but a collection. Mr. Awesome has many a thing right, but for this to run through her head, its going to take a bit more. Just as a smile is the most attractive thing on woman, same with a guy. Anything from a toothy joke telling grin, to a dazzling white, to a mysterious grin (consider what sort of woman you would like to attract). It displays confidence, and that is more attractive than any pair of glittery stiletto shoes to a woman.

    Then there is eye contact, if you can make eye contact, try to hold it for three full seconds approximately 10 feet away before moving in for a hello. Don’t be ashamed of the eyeing hello, but DON’T be creepy, with a Hitchcock-ain stocker stare *cue psycho music*. I know this sounds strange, but when you’re suiting up for the evening, find an honest style to highlight/frame your eyes. Hair style, geek-chic glasses, extra tinted shades (if the sun is out) all work.

    And finally, be absolutely honest. Lines are a turn off unless used as an outrageous joke. Once I blushed and giggled because a hitchhiker gave me a grass woven rose and told me I was “ridiculously gorgeous”. His directness took me by surprise and my day, originally grey, was rose tinted and I couldn’t stop smiling. He asked nothing else from me, and so his honesty struck me even more (this moment lasted only 3 seconds and has stayed with me for over a month. The grass rose is still in my overhead in my car). Don’t filter a compliment. The male lead from the book referenced above is most known to make female readers swoon when he says directly and sincerely, “You must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love you.” Love is a bit strong for a first meeting, of course, but you get the jist.

    If a woman spends hours beautifying, and/or her personality, believe me, she wants it to be noticed. Depending on who you want to attract, you can go from comedy to dark shy/mysterious sincerity. Words like “nice”, “sexy”, “cute” and “hot” are not bull’s-eye words. They are short, fleeting, and over used, and therefore dull. “I just had to come over to tell you hello and tell you that you have the most breathtaking eyes. I nearly lost my nerve, but I knew I’d be regretting not telling you for a week after.” Sincere, confident, venerable, and honest. Think about how honest 007 is when he talks to a woman (even if he does have a British accent).

    If she is unkind and rude, call her out on it. Or consider if that’s someone you really want to talk more with. If you are losing her in your conversation, cut her loose. Shake hands (both hands, ask if your kindly hugging her hand with yours), thank her for the conversation, and socialize with others. Keep them wanting more, is strange, but true. (Example: the great dance scene in the mask of Zorro. The chick was totally attracted to Zorro at the end of the dance, and as she was leaning in for a kiss, he left.) You’re creating a quick supply and by leaving before she’s bored, you can create a demand. For a female, the person you wish you had spoken more to at the end of the night holds more wonderment, which then turns to mystery, turns to romantic “what if’s”. What-ifs are the sources of the original quote. They provide a sense of danger because a person doesn’t like to live their life like that, and makes a woman ponder more. Like in MANY other applications, the imagination is the most seductive thing.

    Example, “What if: he likes all of me; he wants to meet up for coffee; he wants to have dinner; my friends/family like him; we like the same things/music/movies/books/jokes/etc; ask me to be his girlfriend; what if he loves me; what if we get engaged; what if he we get married….” It’s all in the imagination.

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    Default Re: Game Insights from a Woman

    This is all familiar info I know but it's always nice to see a woman being honest and confirming it. Thanks.

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