I had a discussion about this topic today with a friend and we came up with a few important things for this area. I think this is one of the more important parts if you want to be natural, and one of the basic fundamentals of game:

So I wanted to write on this topic a little:

Number one - Ask yourself honestly; What is it that you want?
(for me this is usually sex, to start with, no matter what I would like to do after that)

Number two - Let the girl know WHAT IT IS THAT YOU WANT.

(this does not mean you HAVE TO make it obvious, but depending on the situation, SOMETIMES you can, and some guys will even do this EVERY time)

So basically just;
1 - know what it is that you want
2 - communicate it, in whatever way seems best suited for the situation.

This can be done in different ways:

- being very direct or shameless about it
- using double meaning in language, or making it an undertone, or partly subtly understood (naturals use this one alot)
- doing it in a playful/flirty way
- giving kind of a compliment with desire in it.. kind of sexual. (like saying "you got an aabsolutely fantastic as" (looking at her as) (or something simmilar) - but you gotta mean what you say.

Basically this is all about intuition that you get from experience with trying to do this in lots of situations, or you can do it with text, facebook and so on.

Its about setting the direction you want to go.

I think if people want to get better at this, you simply just gotta go out and have an intent to do this, and you will figure out more and more how you do it in a way that works.

For every time you take a "risk" like this.. you get better at this, and with a little time you will KNOW how to do this.

If you fail a time or two at it simply think about this;

Ether you;

1 - met one of the girls that simply said no, and just be ok with that, you did your job, thats what matters.


2 - you need to adjust what you do, for it to work.

With experience you will figure this out.
And yes I know many here already are good at this, but just want to mention it as i think it is one of the basic fundamentals of natural game.

Put it out there for her to understand what you want, and simply give her a chance to accept your invitation, or say no thanks. Ether way should learn to be okey with it.

If you wanna have something to focus on, this is a key area in natural game, and you WILL get it right with time and experience.

So Im gonna say this one more time, its about letting her know your INTENTION, whatever way you find best suited.

Last: This DOES mean taking slight risks at times, some miight see them as big risks. But naturals takes these "risks" all the time, and thats one of the reasons they get "alot back"

Keep taking these kinds of risks and you will get good at this approach.

Its important to practice fundamentals - Ben Hogan ( one of the best golfers of all time )