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    Default Did well at first encounter, but failed to #-close, paying for it now.

    A few nights ago, I went out with a few friends to a couple bars. I wasn't at the top of my game, so at last call, I simply went home. However, a friend invited me to a house party. When I arrived, the crowd had gotten significantly smaller, with only a few women left. As two of them left (HB8's) my friend and I struck up conversation. We each decided on one of them and were able to split the conversation into two different ones. From there on out there was a bit of fluffing with tons of push pull and negs, both ways. It was going well, but in the end, they had to leave. Because the two HB8's were sisters, they were inseparable and I felt awkward going for any type of close with her sister watching me. I'm not paying for it because the woman I was going after looked me up on facebook the next day, then sent me a message. I not only need to avoid the friend zone (she told me she thought I was funny), but I need to act relatively quickly because thanksgiving break will mean no contact for about a week. I'm not sure how to proceed with getting her number through facebook, as I have never been in a situation like this before. I would appreciate any advice you guys have!


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    Default Re: Did well at first encounter, but failed to #-close, paying for it now.

    This is a situation where you need to be a alpha male and take the lead because she has already made the first move by looking you up on facebook which also shows that she is interested in you. Use facebook like you would any face to face chat keeping it light and esclating at the appropriate time to meet up, and then going for the Number Close. Or say something funny through facebook to suggest her giving you her number but anyway you go about you can't loose unless you just totally mess it up. I don't use facebook and prefer face to face communications but I hope this helps. Good luck man!

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