I've been with my girlfriend for about 8 months now and iv'e known her for over a year.

But we have one problem,

I want sex pretty much all the time. I get these urges and cravings for it. the past few days we've been fighting over how much we have sex.

Right now - I feel like shit masturbating but she used to be so sexual, If I couldn't get sex, I used to always be able to get her to give me a BJ to get me off.

I was fine with that for a while but sex to me is a way to connect, every fight just melts away after sex, every bad feeling. Lately she hasn't wanted any of that, it feels she lost the want to take care of me and I am beginning to feel like I'm in the friend zone again. in fact, this is how the entire week of no sex was - we would hang out and do our thing, she would somehow turn me on and then tell me she wasn't in the mood or she was to tired to mess around.

3 days ago the mood felt right, a came on to her. Started to suck on her breast and kiss near her c*it, she let me do this, then she told me that she didn't want to do anything tonight.

OMG - this pissed me off, I told her it has been a week and we haven't had sex and that I'm feeling unconnected to her. She told me that I get annoying about it and that I shouldn't try so much. I understand this because realize that I probably did bug her a lot about it, but I can't help it after a week of no sex. I mean - she conditioned me to constant orgasms and now she took it away. It is hard to control myself. I told her my logic that if she is never in the mood and I am always in the mood that she should come on to me and let me know when she wanted it. I'm afraid that if I don't say anything to her, and I don't come on to her, that she will never be in the mood because I always have to do things to her to get her in the mood.

Just 2 days ago, we had sex, but it was only because of the fact that I talked to her about it the night before- like a giving me pity fuck. I don't want a pity fuck, I want her to want my dick. How can I make the rolls to be reversed. I want her to be in my position, I would be okay with her annoying me for sex all the time. it would be perfect for me in fact.

Now -yesterday everything was good, I felt better from the sex. It stopped the craving. We started fooling around and I got all excited and think she wants it so I start to suck on her nipples. Right then she tells me she doesn't want sex tonight. I get all pissed off because she got me horny again. I have the sexual urge. But - I just went to sleep without touching her all night.

I woke up this morning still horny. I just needed it. But she isn't a morning person. I am (duh). I left her place in a fight with her about the same thing we've been fighting about for 4 days.

help... advice... anything?