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    Default I can approach and open with ease. BUT WHAT DO YOU DO AFTER THAT?

    Heres the deal:

    I was at Starbucks with my friends the other day, and we all couldn't help but notice this HB9 at the other side of the room.

    So my friends who know I am becoming a PUA - bet me that I can't get her number.

    She is sitting alone working on her laptop when I walk over and start talking to her.

    Encore: Hey, my friends over there bet that i can't start a conversation w/ the prettiest girl here. Wanna buy some coffee w/ their money? (smile)
    HB9: (looks up and giggles) Sure, why not?
    Encore: Awesome, so laugh like every 8 seconds or something, and if you do good I'll buy you another coffee on the house. (I pull up a seat and sit across her)
    HB9: Listen, before anything else, I think you should know I already have a BF.
    Encore: Haha slow down, girl. I dont even know you yet, so I don't wanna get all personal. I just wanna kick it for a minute, you know?
    HB9: What's your name?
    Encore: I'm Encore (reach out my hand for a handshake)
    HB9: I'm Stacey (smiles)

    She really seemed interested at this point, but after i opened, I CRASHED!

    I had no idea know what else to say, so i couldn't start conversation.

    She did most of the talking, and after a while she lost total interest in me.

    3 minutes later I said I'm gonna go check on my friends and see if I can collect my money, be back in a few - she didn't seem to care, she was just on her laptop and nodded...

    I NEED HELP, what should have I done ?

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    Bebop Guest


    you should have maybe asked her what she was working on and take it from ther

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    cedius Guest


    I think opening with the bet line was not so good of an idea, but it got you in and that's really what's key!

    Playback the set in your opened, you sat down with her...from there what do you do?

    Had it been me, I would NOT show interest in what she is doing, it's too easy of a convo that will stale too quickly, she doing that already, she doesn't want to explain it in detail.

    What was she talking about? Pick a topic from there and multi-thread...
    She says she is burned out at about what you do for R&R with your friends, great to open into, you should come some time...Etc.

    Build comfort, dhv and throw in some light Kino, ring routine perhaps, it's quick.

    Telling her that you just want to chill for a minute was crucial, she saw you weren't phased by it and not a threat either, hell , she may trade in her BF for a night out with you...

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    I also need to just applaud you for opening. The more you open, the more you will be comfortable with what to do after opening.

    Do some research on banter and/or qualification... and also more importantly dhv.


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    Spark-C Guest


    Dude, it was good. I ever used that in coffee shop too. I got her number in 3min. It's all abt comfort n smile.. u should hav asked her wat she does for living n then start throwing dhv n maybe some light kinos like (confident test).

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    Ambition Guest


    I think your approach could have let you use a lot of dhv material without even having to transition into it. Choose a magic trick, like the Numbers Game or the Grey Elephant in Denmark. Then be "honest", and say "Since we're talking and I need to make this look good, let me try something out on you..."

    I can't guarantee this truly would have worked as an actual pickup, but I guarantee she would have played along. This definitely would have given you some practice in DHV, and then all you'd need to work on is transitions.

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