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    Post New to PU and need advice approaching and opening

    Hey guys,
    im 18 and am pretty much brand new to PU. I went out last night to my first club last to practice what i have read and have noticed that I have no problem with opening up a random set, especially with the 3 second rule.

    But my problem is that i struggle with how i should approach and exactly what to say. So far the only opener i could think of last night was "hey my buddies and i are having a debate on which is the best pre-drink, whats your opinion?" That worked maybe once or twice but personally i feel it sounds to canned and im not sure how to expand that to create a good conversation for building rapport.

    So if you guys could maybe give me some advice on approaching and opening or even help me tweak the pre-drink opener that would be great!

    Thanks in advance

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    Default Re: New to PU and need advice approaching and opening

    What's up Dude,

    I worked professionally as a nightclub and Strip Club promoter & VIP Host at a few of the hottest clubs in Las Vegas where my specific job was to meet hot girls and pull phone numbers..

    My advice: Drop the pre drink opener. Its boring. Women often times have that "club induced A.D.D."... they dont wanna talk about drinks. they want to have fun, right?

    Instead, try:

    1. Gently nudging a girl next-to or behind you and excusing her of being rude for bumping you, spilling your drink or cutting you in line at the bar.

    2. Walk up to her like a Man and tell her strait up why you approached her. For example: "I noticed you like 5 minutes ago and It would be a shame if I left this place without finding out who you are" followed by the traditional exchange of first names and al that stuff.

    I've got too many fool proof openers to mention here. But these are two that I teach guys who are really just getting a feel for things. You basically can't go wrong with these ones. They lead into casual and natural conversation tat you can turn into FUN banter real easily.

    Email me or PM if you needs more details Man.

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