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    Default Couple of questions...

    Okay i have been some time in this game. around 8 months and i am interested in couple of questions which i dont know answer to... this one is one that happens to me a lot...


    I was with one girl we met we talked had great time. Then went on party, i have set the rules ... but of course she tried that we are friends ... which i said u are my best friend

    Anyways ... i was holding her for hands ( truth test ) ... and she looked and said what "what you gonna kiss me now?"
    OF course for her saying we are friends i just looked at her ... and said "No its goint to fast, i dont know you that much"
    after some time we got separated she went to her friends ( she came with me) but anyhow i and my freidns wanted to go home.

    Today i get text message - she was asking me for favour... and i was doing something so i replied ... "I will send you later now i am a bit busy"

    I replied... and said okay i now that i finished what i had ... i did that what u needed

    She said "Thnx"

    and thats all...

    I never knew what is this...

    - shit test
    - Jelousy because she is thinking that i was doing something else
    - something else?

    I was alwats wondering what is this.

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    Default Re: Couple of questions...

    Shoulda kissed her bro... Ur playing hard to get when its kinda passed that.

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