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    Default My Field Report Cold Approach!

    Hey guys i would like to talk about a cold approach i did a few ago. Basically me and a friend headed to Super Saver a Local Grocery Store, to buy Juice aka party beverages, because we were throwing a football/weekend party. As we were heading out we see this Gorgeous girl dressed a little proactive but very sexy walking our way. Me and the friend quickly looked at each other and said right you or me. I quickly volunteered to pick her up lol . As she walked by and was heading the other way i said
    ME: hey
    Her: What are you gonna ask for my number
    "Shocked with a smile on my face i replied"
    Me: haha not yet but what are you doing here
    Her:blah blah blah
    Me: So hey my fraternity is throwing a party tonight you should toatally come.
    Her: Yes
    exchanged number
    She didnt come over that night because my phone ended up dieing and the next day i realized she called a few times.

    I called her a few days later and set up to hang later that week.
    A few days later she came over and to make a short long story short i ended up f closing.
    Basically i played it cool let her do most the talking and just sat back and enjoyed myself.
    BTW i broke my ankle that week and believe me when i say this everyone should have sex with a broken ankle on there bucket list...
    Makes you feel like the sh1t!!!!!!

    Let me now if you have any questions

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    Default Re: My Field Report Cold Approach!

    Awesome job man howd u almost f close her? Btw cold approach Direct Game is good it looks like u didnt have to do much to get her num. Lol

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