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Thread: High five IOA?

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    Default High five IOA?

    So, I dunno why but I got this message in my inbox about some guy and his field report.

    Anyways, I was bored and read it and came across something interesting. A quick, easy way to figure out if a girl is attracted and whether you can start escalating.

    It's simple, high five a girl at some point during the convo, let your hand linger a bit, and if she's attracted, she will try to lock fingers or grip your hand in some way.

    Tried it last night with this new waitress at my favorite spot, and it definitely seemed legit. Proceeded to Number Close her right there and then.

    I got a bit too drunk after that so I couldn't really notice nuances like those, but I was curious if this was something fairly well known.

    I know about the squeeze ioi but this seems a bit different, which is why I'm specifically asking about high fives.

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    Default Re: High five IOA?

    Haven't tried that, but a high five is one of the best ways to do initial Kino stuff. Its a sign of trust. Also it keeps a target warm. I try to do that now with most of my targets if I know I only have a limited window of time. Ima give yours a try this weekend

    Also, if you know the "handshake" routine its amazing. I had girls asking me to show it to their friends. Whats great is you can pretty much BS what the actual handshakes are and just sell it

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