Kino Escalation Ė Tyrone1991
By now you would have heard of the expression Kino or Kino Escalation, basically Kino is used to build and escalate physical attraction. But there are a few points you should know before you go touching people.
Basically you start with subtle touch and escalate to gain a physical reaction whether its Kiss close or more.
Rule 1: Touch everyone.
When in an environment where there is more than just you and your target it becomes suspicious if you start Kinoing your target. So basically people will observe your body language and your actions so if youíre with mates pat them on the back, any guy or girl you meet tap them on the shoulder when conversing with them so itís more subtle when it comes to your target.
Rule 2: Start Slow
Basically you do not want to get all grabby feely straight away. It will lead to either a slap, a kick out, fight or bad reputation. So make sure subtly is considered when doing Kino.
Rule 3: Mirroring
Mirroring is when you do something and the person follows suit. So basically in this situation when a girl touches back then it safe to say you can escalate a step in Kino and wait for the mirror.
Rule 4: Isolation
Make sure you isolate your target from potential cock blocks. It happens and this is an important action that needs to be taken. It also makes the rest of your seduction easier if you isolate to a quieter location to communicate.
Rule 5: Body Language
Body language is important so make sure your posture shows confidence and alpha male but also not directly engaged in your target until the Kiss close. You need to keep them chasing.
Rule 6: Control
With Kino itís important to have complete control of the escalation so make sure you control yourself and your target, you donít want to escalate too quickly, because she could get scared. You donít want to take to long because you leave room for cock blocks and LMR/AS.
Rule 7: Lead
If you want to move to a new location or isolate your target, put your arm out for her to hook onto and lead her to the location. Women love leaders and to be lead so itís an attractive rule to use.
Rule 8: Withdraw
At any point of Kino Escalation you can withdraw to build attraction, so after a bit of Kino you can stop doing it, most likely causing your target to do it more to you in order to get it back. Same Method as attention, you pull out of giving attention to your target to make her want it more.
Step 1: The Brush/Accidental Touch
Whether itís you or the target that initiates it starts here a very subtle accidental brush or touch, usually if you built enough attraction she will mirror you and do the same, then itís time to escalate.
Step 2: Touch Talk
So your into your conversation and you want to touch her while talking, so you touch her shoulder, wrist, hand, back or knee while talking, then you wait for her to mirror it or respond with more engaging body language.
Step 3: Lead
At this point Iíll tell to come talk with me somewhere quieter then put my arm out to lead.
Step 4: Isolation
Basically I have taken her outside, smoking area or couch in club or coffee shop. The Kino is maintained as well as normal flirting. Iím allowing my body language to become more engaged in hers as she mirrors me allowing me to go for Kiss close etc.

So there you guys go.