THINK - What is your goal? Number? Kiss? Sex? It's most likely the latter

With that said, DROP IT. Approaching women with the goal of having sex with them is what messes you up. Why? Well, you'll be looking for IOIs, IODs, focusing on dhv, negs, and a bunch of other PUA jargon. It's intimidating. It makes you overthink. You might think all you're getting is IODs because you can't find an ioi. From what I've seen, IOIs are pretty subtle and the major ones take a while to occur, anyway. Her touching you, for example, will NOT happen unless she's already comfortable with you and you have some sort of rapport. See? Intimidating and this isn't even a third of it.

Demotivated? Perfect!

Here's your motivation - focus on having a conversation.

You can talk, right? You can move your mouth and make sounds that have some sort of meaning. So can she. Get her to talk. Want to look for an IOI? Consider a response an IOI. Any response. She replies. You reply. She replies. Don't worry about getting her number, kissing her, having sex with her, or anything other than talking.

When you start slow and have goals that can be accomplished in a short period of time, your confidence increase. Confidence increases, aa decreases. This doesn't mean that you should start approaching strangers all the time (unless I have magically gotten rid of your AA, which is unlikely, but awesome). If you're in a campus setting, you surely have some friends in class. Have a conversation with one (or all) of them. Male or female. Get into a conversational mindset. Move on from there.

What about that cute girl next to you? That's who you simply say "Hi" to when you walk in. Can't be that difficult, right? Let's say you've gotten past that. Ask her a question. Any question. Hell, ask her what color she thinks the chalkboard should be. Anything. Your goal is to get a reply. Keep that up for a while. Get chatty with friends, neighbors, anybody.

To summarize - change your goals from number, kiss, and sex closing to having a conversation. It's easier to do and will increase your confidence and ultimately lower your AA.

Good luck!