Ok so I'm at the mall right now and there's this chick who works at the sun glasses store HB 9 in my opinion and I've noticed my standards have gone way up over the last months. Anyways, I saw her for the first time Sunday or Monday when I came by just to practice my day game. I talked to a few girls before but no numbers. So I went in and talked to her for a bit, we just made small talk mostly about sunglasses, she ended up showing me these sun glasses that I really liked so I bought them. I said bye and left.

Now I'm here again as we speak, and I saw her when I was walking to nordstrom to get a coffee, we didn't see each other it was just a walk by and noticed her hair because it was one of the things that really attracted me to her from like 80ft away. Did I blow my chance? If not how can I re approach? Need some as soon as you can give it