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    Default Kaybee's number close

    So, I'm pretty new to this PUA stuff, but I think I've come up with a pretty good Number Close. I've only used it in night game so far, but I don't see any reason why it shouldn't work. It is field tested(relatively), but more input on it would be appreciated.

    Before I really got into the PUA community, I was reading a lot of stuff from a site called girls chase. Most of the stuff on there is great, but it feels like it assumes the girl you're approaching is alone, which rarely happens in night game.

    Two of the concepts that really stuck to me were getting a girl to invest, and "chase framing", or hinting subtly that the girl is the one trying to get you(setting yourself as the prize). With that in mind, I tested a new number close that worked surprisingly well.

    I'm sure we've all been into a set with a bunch of HBs, but we couldn't Isolate due to logistics.

    So, after opening a group of HBs and DHVing, you go

    PUA: Hey, you girls seem pretty cool. It's rare to meet interesting/smart/whatever people in a bar(optional, depending on girls' personalities). We should hang out again.
    Girls: Yeah, that sounds awesome/great/whatever.
    If you don't get the response above, you failed at DHVing/ being interesting
    PUA: Alright, save my number and text me your names now. I'll let you know when I'm free.
    Girls: blabla, what's your number?
    PUA: *Hands digits*
    Girls: Okk, texted you
    PUA: More chatting with girls, *Checks phone a bit later* K, got it.
    If one of the girls didn't text you, you can neg her with something light like, or go into something heavier if she's higher value and really want to get her invested.

    So, the whole idea behind this is to get the girl invested in you. She took the first step and texted you. Girls will rationalize this as them being into you and will help set the chase frames. She is the one chasing after you, instead of you being the one chasing. I know it sounds silly that who initiates the first text would make a difference, but the human mind isn't too rational

    In addition, I noticed girls can be pretty competitive. If they notice that their friends like you, they will like you too and will want to be the one that claims the prize. In this case, you.

    Field tested it two nights so far. Got a group number close on a 4 set and a 2 set last night. All responded warmly to my follow up texts and two are down to go on a date this week(no chance since I got exams, and I'm broke, but w-e).

    Got 5/6 numbers in a 6 set tonight and n closed another 2 set.

    Of course, you have to have the right frame of mind to pull it off but it seems to work so far.

    Lemme know how it goes.
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    Charlie Neptune is offline PUA in Training
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    Default Re: Kaybee's number close

    If it works it works. Good job. I like the Mindset of directly getting a girls number and showing my intention. I want her to know I am in charge and dominate the situation.

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