I'm very new to PUA. I decided that my first approach would be this girl at school that looks like she invented "sexy". She's absolutely gorgeous.

I'm a work study student so I work and go to school there. We actually met earlier this year when she walked in the office and asked me about one of our scholarships. The conversation lasted a measly 15 seconds. But long enough for her to make a great impression on me.

This semester I've seen here a few times. Sometimes she's on the phone while leaving class other times she's not. I just started learning Pick Up. I got Magic Bullets about two weeks ago and after reading a bit of it, I decided that I was going to approach her indirectly and ask her "So did you ever get that scholarship?".

Today after my class I rushed over to the building I usually see her in to make my approach. While getting ready to turn the corner to enter the building I hear the echoing of high heels. I was thinking "wouldn't it be funny if that was her". And guess what.. It was!

She was looking sexy as hell. We actually made eye contact for a moment before she broke away. I would've uttered my question opener but the only problem was she was on her phone!!

I thought it would be rude if I asked her about the scholarship while she was on the phone. So I stood there at the corner of the building watching her walk away thinking of what they hell could I say.

I'm pretty sure she doesn't remember me so I was thinking about disregarding the fact that we met and just running up to her and saying something like:

"Excuse me. I know your on the phone and I'm not trying to be rude but I think you are absolutely adorable. Do you have a boyfriend?"

This Thursday is the last day of class which will probably be the last day I'll have a chance. I'm pretty upset that I didn't say anything to her. But the next chance that I get I definitely don't want to mess it up.

So how would you suggest approaching a woman that is on the phone?

Or more specifically how do you think I should approach her?

Your opinions will be greatly appreciated. I'll keep everyone posted on what happens.