You walk down the corridor you see a pretty girl. You want to talk to her. "dont do it! she will reject you and you will start doubting yourself! we are going to feel a somatized psychological pain! Alert! Dont do it!". And you dont approach.. However you get an insight of your issue. The issue is that the "man" of today is not a MAN by classic western standards. He is a kid. He doesnt defend his words with his life. Being true is not as important today as it used to be. Society came in touch with Machiavellian behaviors and the stereotype of the young selfish person with a drive for financial growth and almost no moral constraints arose. Now people are more evil, more willing to harm someone for their own growth but at the same time they have to hide it. They lie. They need an advantage. They must be the only ones that know that their morality is shallow.

They are afraid to speak openly of their darkness and that's for a very reasonable reason. Even the darkest people hate dark people. So.. how the fark are you not going to have Approach Anxiety? You have stuff to hide, man. Your mind spins on an effort to hide your darkness mimic some sort of good morals and get the girl. Its a lot of things to think. Its like engaging a spy war. That is a bad thing for everyone. You and the girl.

Society made a mistake by taking the road of manipulation and darkness so passionately. But you dont have to do the same mistake. You can make a commitment to light. You can try to be 100% honest about everything. If you are bad to people, reconsider it till you are good to people. Even if you dont succeed in reconsidering your ill mannered thoughts, keep being honest. The stress that will come even from thinking that will be enough to make a good mannered Mindset click in your head.

There is no point in overcoming approach anxiety. You must go deeper at the reason you have aa and the reason the whole society has AA and mass antisocial disorder. You must go that deep and change that. Both you and society are on the wrong path. And both of you are paying the price of it. Even political corruption is influenced by this mass antisocial disorder. What is the thing that a corrupted politician has and a lawful citizen doesn't? A lot of people to talk to.

So.. build pride. Don't lie. Always tell the truth. If you have something to hide then you have to have approach anxiety.