Ok, I am horrible at remembering girls names. So I have come up with a routine that gives a girl a cute little nickname and makes her laugh too. I go and open a set, usually a three set, with at least two of the three being girls. Making sure my target is not dating the guy that she is standing with (if there is a guy in the set) I go and open the set. When it comes to introductions, I shake hands with everyone, saving the target for last, and when it comes to the target, right before our hands are to meet, I turn my hand so that my palm is facing up, and so when we shake, the back of her hand is facing the ceiling. I hold on to her hand, and looked shocked, and look down at her hand and say "You think you are a princess...do you think I am going to kiss your hand because you present it to me this way?" I make sure that when I say this, I do it in a teasing manner. I have gotten a variety of response when I did this. Here are some of them, and what I responded back with.

HER: "Of course I am a princess."
ME (to her friends) : "a little full of herself huh?"

HER: "I did not do that! You just shook my hand weird!"
ME: "Woa...trying to blame this on me huh? I see how it is. Throwing the blame on someone else!"

HER: "I am not a princess!"
ME: "O...so you are just pretending to be one..."

HER: "Of course...you may kiss my hand"
ME: "woa slow down...we just me and you want me to kiss your hand!?! (Saying this to her friends >>) Does she always move this fast with people she just met? or am I just special?"

When I say this, my tone is teasing and not threatening. If you say the line right, but your tone is wrong, then you loose the set. Tone is everything. So after you get the laugh, just continue calling her "Princess" and she will love it and will remember you for it when you call and call her that on the phone or in a text.

I have used this many times, and every time it has worked perfectly. The good thing about this is that it makes them laugh and enjoy your company right away. This has never gone badly for me. Just be confident with what you are doing, and the girl will love it.
I made this up myself, so tell me what you think. Just remember to use it only once a night, you dont want to have a club or party with two girls with the same nickname.