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    Default Using My Line of Work to Open?

    Yo, curious as to what yall think of this.

    Im just brewing as many ideas as possible so when I go out these next few weekends and im around shopping for gifts that I can try to get numbers in ANY situation.

    Latest Idea: using my line of work (social media).

    So I actually am a lucky fellow and I get paid on the weekends to post statuses for well known local restaurants. (They do various restaurant concepts and any HB would know at least one of the places I post for).

    Heres the approach (please critque!):

    Ill use the chic pizza place I post for as my example.

    "Hey, what would make you want pizza more than anything in the world right now, like what would I have to say?"

    I feel like an opener like that would spark alot of curiousity, like wait is he trying to get me to get pizza with him? Whats he up to, thats one ive definitely never heard before...

    If she offers an idea I go "Wow, nice one, you just earned me $10, how about a drink. Btw you just wrote the status update for Sauce Pizza."

    If she tries to blow me out with something like "nothing, I dont like pizza" then I can still elaborate and be like "well just assume you did, Im actually THEE guy who posts for Sauce Pizza's facebook, and Im fresh out of witty shit to say today, well at least for pizza I am, as for your shoes* (*necklace, bracelet, outfit, whatever) well discuss that in a second."

    What do you guys think?

    I only just realized that this is an interesting job to have and the places are all like Posh restaurants where HBs definitely have gone or know about. Plus I like the little brag about how I get paid while Im out drinking or wherever I am, it seems to spark interest and I think theyd want to know more about what I do and then I can make it flow from there.

    All opinions welcome!

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    Default Re: Using My Line of Work to Open?

    honestly, it's sleezy.

    feels like i'm being sold a car and i'm just there to browse.

    go out - do ur stuff in person.^^. u do have interesting job so u can always use it in story telling.

    i'm sure u have unique engaging ones to share to ur targets

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