I'm in the middle of reading The Game, and I am watching the Mystery DVDs very interesting and great stuff, but I have this thing for my masseuse.

She's this hot little Asian girl.

She then asks me for a ride to the market it's like a 5 minute drive, she buys her groceries and then she says that she couldn't get beer because she didn't bring ID so I went in with her to get it. She walks with me arm in arm I felt a little weird since I'm married, but it was nice. I got her number, she asked that I only text.

She taught me Korean for I miss you.

I dropped her off and asked for a kiss, she said next time.

So I was thinking I would try some of these things in my next visit like the kenos and ne=gs. I want this girl to want me.

Also, should I see another girl at the parlor to make her Jealous? It might be awkward.