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Thread: Mixed Signals from Old Crush

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    Default Re: Mixed Signals

    Ok, so... I haven't talked to her since 24th. But here's the update:

    Our gay mutual friend told me she told him that right now she wants to adapt to her relationship-free life. BUT then she tweeted this:

    25th: Whats the use of a person I don't want likeing me, liking me? If the person I want to like, doesn't like me like I want him to like me. (loosely translated from spanish, I didn't realized it was a song until know)

    then I tweeted (without mentioning her) "Wow :/"

    then she continued

    -I did not see that coming (I think... she meant she did not see ME taking her tweet literally, when she knew it was a song)
    -NERVUS TOTALUS (because of the above maybe?)
    -Ok, breeeeathe.

    So 26th passed by, I didn't contact her, neither she gave any signs of life.

    -How far do I have to go to get to you? Many the miles, tell me the miles. (another song)
    -I think I'm becoming obvious, but it's just to difficult for me. (huh?)
    -It's too hard for me to hide my emotions, either good or bad (huuuuuuh?)
    -So if I don't like something, don't worry. You'll notice. (could this mean I shouldn't be discouraged and keep trying to get her?)

    I'm also considering that this tweets have NOTHING to do with me, but they just kind of... fit.

    Any interpretations?

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    Default Re: Mixed Signals

    Grab your balls and ask her out tomorrow for coffee. It's too easy and your making this worse then it needs to be. End of story, ask her out, don't wait.

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