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    Talking Day game sesh- got a FB name :D

    Today was awesome.

    Okay, okay, I may be somewhat of a noob, but dammit I'm happy... this stuff is starting to pay off!

    As some of you will know from my previous post, yesterday I went out and sarged over 20 HB7-10s with a friend. It was what many would call a failure (no no.'s etc.) BUT I started to get over my aa definitely.

    Today, I approached less than 10 people, but my success ratio was much higher. I approached people who were within my age range and tried to be more congruent, and it worked!!

    My first successful set was when I approached a girl by herself as she waited for the bus. I told her I thought she was cute but she should stop smoking, and asked her why she didn't have any friends with her. We fluffed a bit, then I rock/paper/scissor hi-fived her (I ALWAYS get a great response with that) and then I ran the cube. Her bus came, but she gave me her name. Unfortunately I couldn't find her on facebook. Whatever, her loss

    My second successful one, and my last one, was a 2-set that my friend forced me into, and he even went up to them and told them that I was scared of them and I thought they were cute. BUT somehow they found that funny and maybe endearing and we got into a good convo. I ran the best friends test on them (they loved it, had been friends for 8 years). I found commonalities with one of them (HB7, but it's a start) and ran the high-five thing. To my delight, she continued the kino by showing me other hi-fivey things.

    Then I said we had to go, and got her facebook, and I could add the other friend if I wanted. Hopefully we will meet up for drinks (double-date) next week. Ka-ching!

    This stuff is actually working. I'll admit, I have pondered about whether all this is just a pile of BS. But, somehow I've managed to get a cute girl's contact details, and all this when I only just met her, on the street. Wow!

    One question: How do you hug without being awkward? I find that my hugs are always particularly awkward. I usually pat the girl on the back by habit I've seen hugs where the guy picks her up (literally- see Sasha infield day game) and "bear hugs".

    Thanks for your support guys.

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    Default Re: Day game sesh- got a FB name :D

    Good stuff man! I've also watch a little sasha and to be honest, I'd just do similar to what he does. If you think the set went well, open your arms like hugging is something you do all the time. And I agree with you... The patting on the back is something you probably want to stay away from. Patting someone on the back is something you do to like a "bro" friend not a girl you're trying to pick up on haha. Good stuff tho! Keep us posted, good read. Cheers

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