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    Default The Greatest New Years Eve Newbie Challenge... EVER!!!

    Attention all you aspiring PUA's out there, I have a VERY important challenge for you all this new years eve.

    Now I'm not going to lie to you, this challenge will not be easy. As a matter of fact, I am willing to bet that most of you will fail miserably. But for those who are able to succeed in this challenge, you will be rewarded with more success than you can possibly imagine. You see this "Challenge" is really so much more than just a "Challenge." This "Challenge" is a secret attraction trick, that (when done correctly) can make even the nerdiest of guys, go home with the hottest women in the bars. (I know, I've seen it done on multiple occasions!) This trick is the most powerful...seductive ... manipulative... and all around bad ass thing you can do to spark female attraction. Are you ready for this challenge!? No I'm serious--- are you FREAKIN' READY for this CHALLENGE!?!?

    Here it is.... This new years eve, for just one night, and one night only, I want you to get off the PUA Forums, I want you to put down your routine manuals, I want you to stop writing in you PUA diaries, I want you to stop reading your e-books, your Daygame blogs, your Nightgame powerpoint presentations, I want you to stop listening to your dating podcasts, your NLP audios, your Social Game audiobooks, I want you stop looking at your PUA YouTube videos, your PUA Conference DVD's, I want you to forget about your Systems, your Methods, your Rules, your How to's, your jargon words, your phone consultations, your Skype meetings, your Lairs, your Conventions, you're Bootcamps!! Forgot about "The Game", Pick Up Artistry and The Seduction Community in all past, present, and future forms, and in all discovered and undiscovered dimensions AND!!!! ...instead just go out and have fun.

    It sounds so simple, because it is. Tonight I want you to go out to a friend's party, or your favorite bar or club. And I want you to do whatever you need to do to thoroughly amuse yourself while meeting women. That could mean getting completely trashed with your friends and "Cat Calling" women all night, that could mean challenging a girl to a chicken dance-dance off, that could mean opening every woman with "Hey there sexy mama!" Whatever you think is funny and most importantly fun--- do it!

    You see believe it or not, men have been having sex with women for millions of years before "The Game" and while learning the technical know-how of how to seduce women, can be extremely useful, it can also make talking to women seem way harder than it actually is. Self-amusement is one of the simplest ways to spark attraction. Why? Here a few reasons...

    1. You're not in your head (no Approach Anxiety)
    2. You're unaffected by the circumstances around you ( High Value Man)
    3. You're not taking things that seriously (Also High Value Man)
    4. You're not mentally draining (Women don't like negative energy)
    5. People want to be around other people having fun (umm.. Duh!)

    So that's it, one of the most powerful tools you can use to seduce any women (and you didn't even need an E-book). Alright I know I'm being pretty hard on the community today, there is a lot things I have learned from and respect about the community. But on occasion I think it's important that we step back from all that stuff, turn off our PUA brains and just ask ourselves a question. "What can I do to make sure I'm having fun?" I can think of no better time to, revisit our values, live in the moment, and throw caution to wind, then the last day of the year.
    So gentlemen on this new years eve, I challenge you all to stop thinking about your lines, have fun approaching these beautiful creature known as "The Female", and just enjoy life.

    Wishing you nothing but success in 2013! Cheers!
    - Ace

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    Default Re: The Greatest New Years Eve Newbie Challenge... EVER!!!

    The game is played in the field. Not in online forums, or ebooks, youtube videos and the like. I know for myself that this was my biggest mistake. What happens to guys who do this is, analysis of paralysis. It totally farks you up.

    Instead, learn some material. Go out and try it! Period! Work on inner game at the same too. Forget all the rest. Just go out and learn.

    "field experience is king!" -Tyler Durden

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