Ok, so i recently started a blog for my insights to both keep record and educate others. I won't post a link cuz i don't care about my views, but i did want to post my most recent article on the topic of "Entitlement" for you guys. Keep in mind, it's relatively basic, but i hope it helps somebody at least grasp the concept.

" Alright pimps! Today's blog is going to be about entitlement and how we, as human beings, should always feel entitled. Now, let's look at my life in order to really look how just using this sense has helped me.

About 10 years ago, I was 15. That was a crazy time in my life where a lot of stuff went in a direction in which it didn't have to. I'm glad it did though because I wouldn't have the adversity now to push and stay motivated to fix myself and succeed. At the time, I felt like I was a piece of crap. I deserved everything I had, which was next to nothing, and there was no real hope for the rest of my life, so I didn't care about messing it up. That's what happens when you have no sense of entitlement.

Now let's look at about 4 years ago. I began cultivating my first real sense of entitlement. This entitlement was that of social conditioning. Everything society tells you to have, cherish, and live for is what I felt entitled to. I got married, joined the military, and even though I knew that it was the thing to do, that society tells me that THAT is why we are here and to do it all just like that, I still felt as though there was more to life. Maybe I felt more entitled than I was actually receiving, I'm not sure, I didn't have the view on life that I do right now.

And now, I feel more entitled than I ever have and I will continue to cultivate it. Continuing to cultivate my sense of entitlement will lead to what most people call a SELF FULFILLING PROPHECY. That's an important concept so here it is again; SELF FULFILLING PROPHECY. A SELF FULFILLING PROPHECY is the concept that things happen simply because you believe they will. Now this is a huge concept in life. This is part of the reason why the poor stay poor. If you believe the world is a cruel crappy place, guess what! The world will be a cruel crappy place! On the other hand, if you believe the world is an awesome beautiful experience, thriving with opportunity, the world becomes an awesome beautiful experience, thriving with opportunity.

Alright so that's what I have to say about entitlement. In later articles I'll talk about other concepts to cultivate a belief that the world is full of opportunity including; Reticular Activation System (RAS), The Abundance VS. Scarcity Paradigm, and other concepts leading through professional and social success.

And I just want to let you know, if you take the time to read my blogs, that as I'm blogging I'm still learning, cultivating, and implementing all these beliefs. And no matter how far I am in life and how deep I've internalized all these things there will always be room to improve these beliefs! Everything I've done in life so far has been so awesome and there are some people who wish they can have what I have had, but I'm not "some people," I will not settle for mediocrity. There is only one end to life, and my life is my journey, so there is only one end to this journey. I'm out!"

Hope you enjoyed the read! Leave questions and comments below to both help me help you understand and to also help me as a writer! This is the first time actually writing something in about 13 years that isn't a post on fb! Lol.