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    Default Q test routine, working on it

    I've been working on how to run this routine and here's what I have so far.
    Capital Q personality test –
    "Sometimes I wonder who in this crowd is being their real selves and who is putting up a show to ‘look cool’."
    Girl responds...
    There’s a way to find out you know, Fist which would you say you are. [Gives her answer] / I’ve noticed that there are two types of people, those who try to really impress the group to fit in and those who are who they are no matter who they are with. Do you know which one you are?
    Girls talks more...
    Well let’s see if you’re right. On the count of three draw a capital Q on your forehead, we’ll do it together. One, two, three. [Draw the Q].
    Tail to their left forehead – See how you drew the tail to the left side of your forehead so that way everyone can read the Q. People who draw the Q like that tend to worry about how the outside world views them. They love having the rooms attentions and are good at being able to influence others and are pretty good at lying but not good at spotting other’s lies. Omg now we can never date. [She replies] No no, don’t try hitting on me now, I’m on to you, you’re so trying to influence me!
    Tail to their right forehead – See how you drew the tail to the right side of your forehead, that way only you can read it by looking in the mirror. People who draw the tail on that side of their forehead at the ‘same’ no matter who they are with, not changing who they are, even a little bit. You’re a very honest person and expect the same from others. You suck at lying but can easily tell when others lie. Good now I know I can trust you, enough to have a regular mundane conversation.

    So when would be the best time to use this routine and how can the wording be better?
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