After a 36 hour sarge with 3 hours sleep on a couch in an apartment lobby the Sarge was coming to an end.

I had reached the point of pure Self amusement where i was causing my own blow outs. anyways on my last set of the day, i see the HB9 with the usual grenade. i hear her say "you're not spending any more money today" so i approach with a natural opener "NO GIRL SPEND IT ALL" they laugh and walk away. NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR ME. i run to them again and say "you can't come into my life like that and just leave" they blush. i get my wing to take the friend and i start the process with the HB9.

2 min in to this and there is definitely attraction built and ioi's. THEN sh1t HITS THE FAN. We hear my wing ask the grenade "are you an orphan, NO NO NO. JUST BECAUSE ORPHANS AGE FASTER" LOL the grenade storms off and so does the HB9.

Not fond with my results i REAPPROACH. saying that was in bad taste. i end up going in alone and rebuilding everything again. i go for the Number Close. and she says 'I HAVE A..." i cut her off "BOYFRIEND!" she laughs and says "actually a girlfriend" i keep going, not letting it phase me. I didn't have the will power to walk away. Boy friends don't matter, so why would i care about her having a GF. I WENT FOR IT. (kiss) she didn't back away so i kissed for a couple seconds...

AFTER i did, i pulled away first and told her i didn't give her permission to do that, i got the smile and she said. "I'm still a lesbien but you seem cool" i got a number close and have been wheeling all her friends.