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    DianaR Guest

    Default Stay in the moment

    One of the mistakes I see men, and women for that matter, making all the time is not being in the moment.

    People can tell if you are actually thinking about a goal instead of the conversation you are engaged in at the moment.

    If you need to connect, take the time to put in the effort!

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    Dahn Guest


    I agree diana, people tend to worrie bout the out come of things always this not ony applies to Pick Up but to life in general, If people were to just take a moment and enjoy wats right in front of them and stay mindful of it then they would do ten times better in alot of problem areas in their life's

    As I always say dont worry to much about the outcome just get in there and have fun...go ahead I allow you to have some fun while your at it lol. Never take anything to serious its bad for you...

    -Until next time

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    Staying in the moment is HUGE!!!

    So many of the people I have coached come to me with one glaring problem when I see them out in the field. Pardon the caps: THEY ARE NOT IN THE MOMENT, INSTEAD THEY SPEND THE WHOLE TIME IN THEIR OWN HEAD!

    How are you going to capture the attention (and attraction/affection) of that super hot girl in the bar / club / lounge if you are in your own head and not in the moment with her at the venue.

    It makes ZERO sense to me.

    Do whatever it takes to get out of your own head... grab some fresh air.. jump up and down, take a (A SINGLE) shot of whiskey - joke with your buddies... do a bombing a run (I can explain that one later) - but do whatever it takes to get out of your head.

    You will do infinitely better in the field.


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    PlayDate Guest


    Great advice. I think too much, instead of just having fun. When you are with your friends just having a good time and busting on each other - you don't sit there and over analyze every little thing... you just do it.

    We need to do that when we are interacting with women.


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