The idea of flirting has come a long way from the days of James Bond movies. It?s a lot subtle now and you?ll find flirting fits into two main styles:

1. Showing interest. This is where you make it almost obvious that you are sexually interested. And by almost obvious I mean you are giving her attention and asking her questions. This is the ?default? way of flirting that you do without even thinking about it, yet it?s not very effective. Or at least not as effective as it used to be.

2. Teasing and being cocky. The new and arguably better way to flirt is to bust her balls, or as the famous pick up artist Mystery puts it, ?treat her like your bratty little sister.? The advantage of this is that it builds attraction, but the disadvantage is that it does take time to master and you run the risk of crossing the line and offending the girl. (You will offend a girl at some point.)

It looks like the days of winking at girls and calling them sweetie is over. Unless you are dealing with an elderly woman, this will not get the response you want. So let?s look more into being more teasing and cocky.

Being cocky implies that you have confidence (or else why would you be cocky?). This gets most girls attention. The overall attitude you want to have is this:

?This girl is annoying. Too many guys have treated her like a princess. Time to show her that I?m not impressed by her.?

You?ll start saying things that DON?T seek her approval, and this in turn is how attraction is built. In effect you flirt by not flirting. She will wonder why you are not putting her on a pedestal like every other guy out there.

When you adopt that attitude you start telling her things like ?What?s in it for me?? and ?Do you normally act like this?? If you?ve never said things like that to a girl then it may take you some time time until you get comfortable doing it. But if you?re already in the game then you are probably nodding your head at the effectiveness of this type of attitude.

Understand: flirting like how our parents did will not get you far. Times have changed and girls will not be attracted to guys showing obvious interest unless they already like how you look, but if you were a great looking guy chances are you wouldn?t be reading this right now.

Your flirting will be anti-flirting, where with a smirk you say things that a guy who is not interested in would say. Remember that human nature drives people towards that which drives away from them. You will need to experiment with a lot of different lines and see what type of response they get.

Flirting and building attraction is where the magic happens... where she decides that she wants to sleep with you. Unless you have a plan or method for this step, you're working on blind luck... A Good PUA doesn't rely on luck.