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Thread: Picking up intelligent women

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    Default Picking up intelligent women

    A friend of mine on the meetup forums recently asked a question about where and how to meet more intelligent women. He feels that he can't be attracted to a woman unless she has a good degree of intelligence, and thinks that the bar and club scene doesn't cater to these types of women.

    I couldn't disagree more. I think this is a limiting belief that can be easily fixed with a few perspective changes:

    First, turn the tables on yourself. If you are an intelligent guy, how much of that intelligence are you really able to display in a noisy bar or club? Sure you could do nothing but game in bookstores, but there would be a lot less women and it would take you much longer to make progress. That's why real life, intelligent, mature people still go to stupid noisy shallow clubs. If you work on yourself and your ability to develop enough attraction to get the ditzy bimbo into a day 2, you might learn on day 2 that she's actually really intelligent in a quieter date environment. Just keep an open mind.

    Also, consider thinking about this as not just a way to get better with girls, but a way to improve yourself. If you hold out for a girl who seems perfect right off the bat, and it takes your forever to find her, you might find yourself getting very needy because you want to hold on to her. One of the things I really like about RSD is the idea of coming from a place of abundance. If you improve your social skills, prove to yourself that you can meet women easily, and meet enough really cool women that you start to feel that the good ones aren't so rare, then when you find a really amazing one, you might be a much more confident and un-needy guy, and therefore have a better relationship because of it.

    The last point I want to make, and this is probably what helped me get over this the most, is to learn to appreciate different types of intelligence. I'm classified as visual-mathematics. I've never met a woman who could follow my conversation when I start rambling about software design patterns and architectures. However, I'm a little socially retarded. So I can appreciate it when someone has a lot of interpersonal or emotional intelligence, because it's something that can compliment and enhance me.

    Google an article about the 9 types of intelligence. Just as an experiment, try seeing if you can guess what various girls would rank highest in. This could even be a great opener, and if you guess right they'll probably be hooked right in.

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    Default Re: Picking up intelligent women

    I have found that getting inner game handled is mandatory when it comes to attracting intelligent women. I just recently met, attracted, and am going on a 6th date with a gorgeous, exotic looking, very intelligent, educated, articulate woman from India. Like a lot of women from India, she has had a very healthy upbringing and is a career woman who has very high standards in every aspect of life not just with the men she dates.

    I would have never attracted her a few years ago when, while I had some great outer game skills, my inner game needed some work. Intelligent women want a man that is not just on her level but is abovee her high level of status, not so much intellectually, but when it comes to Social Status. So if he wants a high status woman, he must be an even HIGHER status male. I did not and would not have attracted her by talking about my career, algorythems, her career, literal works, etc, that is NOT what attracts intelligent women. Like all beautiful women, intelligent or not, she was attracted initially to how I conveyed high social status, confidence (lacking insecurity!), my cocky & funny humor (yes intelligent women also LOVE to laugh especially from cocky funny humor, ALL women do) and my interests in her Indian culture which I have always been very fascinated by. I enjoy their culture and am especially interested in beautiful Indian women who are exotic. I say this because that is another attraction switch I natuarally, without trying, flipped on her as I communicated to her that I had high standards in women as I explained how I enjoy Indian women's company because, unlike the shallow, boring, and at times sleazy American women, they were down to Earth, are all about family, trust, and their culture (and they are)

    So if your friend really wants to attract intelligent, high status women he must work on polishing his inner game because they will see right through outer game that is coming from an insecure guy. That and she will want to see that he is slightly above her high level of status, that he has a life and one that's truly together, is fun to be around, can keep her interests by being a CHALLENGE, spontaneous/unpredictable, demonstrating status, preselection, and confidence.

    As far as where to meet her, I just go where the women I'm attracted to go. I met her at a Middle Eastern Style Hookah Lounge. Intelligent women are always on and around college campuses, book stores, Starbucks, Barnes and Noble, department stores, and my favorite place to meet beautiful women, a place that almost no men every even think to step foot in leaving virtually ZERO competition, and a place where women will actually appreciate you being there especially if you ask open with an opinion opener on a product or for her help in finding something in the store, none other than Hobby Lobby. It's a goldmine!!

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