Hey Guys, Just your local friendly neighbourhood AFC here with a nice little tip.

Go and read Derren Brown's "Tricks of the mind". It has many useful aspects to it which can be applied to the field of PUA.

- Illusions - It's full of them. I mentioned in my last post a mind control pendulum trick. it's in there and he tells you how to do it and why it works. It seriously leaves people agasp.

- Rapport - There is a massive section on rapport which I think can be applied to the field of PUA. It goes into a lot of depth with a lot of psychological aspects that can be played on when gaming.

As well as the two above mentioned points, Reading it will give you so much more dhv material, A lot of the principles he talks about can easilly be turned into a routine as well as teach you how to better read people, and better yourself i nthe process. And if you're interested in the whole NLP and hypnosis aspects, then you should definitely read it. It's like Hypnosis for dummies.

If anyone has read this book, What did you think? Do you have any ideas of applying it's aspects to the game? I'd be interested to hear more on this topic.