So i got to know this girl on a private party shortly before the start of my winter holiday. After a bit of negs and teases she qualified herself quite eagerly and was overall very receptive to flirt and Kino.

as suspected we had a good start and spent the rest of the night talking building comfort and rapport. the very next day we got together for a little chat and started where we left off.

now here's where it got tricky: apparently she was in a very long and unsatisfying relationship with this dude whom she ditched about three to four hours before we got to know each other. nevertheless she was quite invested in him and told me how she would not be able to stop crying during her winter holidays. (but was still very open and flirtatious)

at first that sounded like a deal-breaker and i froze out and left

soon after i got texts from her suggesting we go bowling and or partying and how stupid she must have sounded telling me all that crap since she actually wanted to get to know me better (bingo) and not scare me away.

i was intrigued and made plans with her right? so when the time came we were supposed to talk details no answers came back. time went by and i kinda shrugged that of as flaking and couldn't give a damn.

As it happens right after the holidays we met again (fate? =P) where she told me she kinda threw away her cell and got a new number to get her head clear of this s#*t with her ex.

So since she did not want me to get her new number and she only gave it to her best friend i froze out on this meeting pretty fast.

now here's where it got really tricky: shortly after this accidental encounter she called me with a hidden number to set up a date.

I hate this kind of setup and am left with two options

1. try to get her new number to get the upper hand in this comedy routine and seal the deal

2. ignore/reject her and go with other options since this is ridiculously complicated

what do you guys think and how should i go about it?