OK here is the Situation I was able to approach and attract a girl at the library, was able to get her number and hang out once in a while... however I hit a block because she was engage with another guy, she is now single but she is hanging out with this other guy... now knowing women... after a break up they are usually very easy to get in this stage, however it has been a while since we hang out, she has told me she like me and would be will to date if things don't work out with her guy... now that she is single again... she don't seem to want to hang out with me, but with the other guy she meet... what to do? Oh also here is how I was able to get her from the beginning also who ever said Mysterous Method is out dated don't know what he is talk about!!!

Scene at the Library... 3 sec rule and anlayzing her... I notice she was carring alot of books...

Approach - Me: You sure you could read all those books before you return them?

Her: Smile and says these isn't a lot of books, most of them is DVDs...

I look up notice that she was in the DVD section... but didn't react to it... sh1t happens just push for another subject and analy another thing to talk about...

Next Subject and build attaction stage - Me: No way... are you from London, I notice you got a British accient! I have been there and they sound just like you!

She had a Big Smile and Laugh Her: No way! everyone has been saying that! I can't believe it, but no I am from Wisconsin...

Lite neg - Me: No your not you would about said a-boot and all the other stuff...

Giggles - Her: I don't know what your talking a-boot (laughs) ioi

Change the next subject and do a little analying on her with lite negs- Me: So you were probably one of the smart kids huh, always getting straigh As, and stuff kind of boring (said with a smile and joking way)

Grooms herself and smile IOI her: Yeh your right

Slighly put my hand on her shoulder Rapport and change the subject Me: Do you like to watch Musicals

Her: Yeh! I love them

Me: Nice have you watch WICKED?

Her: No sadly

Me: What it is Amazing Show it is the story about Wizard of Oz but the Witches Version of it!

Her squessh my hand IOI Her: Wow really that sound so great I would love to see it!

Number Close: Me: hey they have it play next month give me your number so we could watch it! (IMMIDEATLY PULL PHONE OUT AND HAND IT TO HER!!!) (DON'T ASK FOR HER NUMBER TELL HER TO GIVE IT TO YOU!)

Her: OK (she types in her number on my phone)

Then we talk alittle bit more after I got her number about other stuff... Remember even after you number close don't just leave or else she will be hesitant to meet you or answer your call because she will feel like she just got use... After about 30 mins of getting to now each other and feeling that she will not flake on me I excuse myself out of the conversation... and we have been texting and chatting and hanging out every now and again... Oh also I don't want a relationship with her just want to have causual F-close just like what Mystery said there is only one type of closing that is the F-Close!!