Ok, so there I was after a 3 week Freeze Out straight f-closing. (Lol) 3 days later we go out to eat and a movie and I just k-close and go to my place because I had work

Anyway, she flaked on me twice. So, needless to say I'm done with that. The only thing that gets to me is her reasoning. She knew me when I was a little fucking needy bitch, actually she is a big part of my hate for my chode. If it wasn't for that I wouldn't be the shit right now, lol. Back then, i would say chode things and such. Now her reasoning is that she "doesn't think her and i would make a good relationship," to which i replied, "lol relationship? We've had sex plenty of times and we are still pretty good friends, why are you reading into it? Just have fun homie." And her reply was "I just get confused when we hook up." To this i couldn't help but think, "ew fucking chode," but i said, "Well I'm done being flaked, if you want to hang out you find me." And I haven't spoken to her since nor do I plan on it, but what would you had done differently and would you agree with not attempting to chill with her again? My inner chode seeks validation that the pimp me is doing the right thing. Lol.