So there is this girl I've known for years now(litterally since we were kids). Recently we've been encountering each other often and when we meet, we talk about school and relationship stuff. I've always found her attractive but have never tried to "flirt" because I thought I was trapped in the friend zone and that it would get me no where. Although I have noticed lately that she loves hugging me, touching my waist, and she seems very comfortable around me(She also tends to text me occasionally). When ever we talk I tease her, make her laugh with ease, and we talk about the people we've hooked up with and people we think are hot. During these conversations she has mentioned that she doesn't want a relationship and rather hook up with a guy and not think anything of it (personally I feel the same). This weekend she suggested we hang out and go to a party, I'm wondering if it's even possible to hook up with her. Or should i not embarass myself because I am eternally trapped in the friend zone. WHAT SHOULD I DO?