The back story. We all are new on the start of a semester of university. they 18, im 22. I am one of the little male population, and they find me attractive. Me and my friends invited them to drink one night. We ended playing a kiss game whit cards, (girls idea) the random thing sort this.

me-(1st girl) leeeeeeees pretty one and virgin
friend-(2nd girl)nice girl but virgin
wuzz friend-(3rth girl) hot, not virgin (maybe only with EX BF)

Later on , after that event

me-don't wanted 1st girl, wanted the hot one
friend-to old for this he didn't wanted little girls (hes 32)
wuzz friend-got fall in love because the makeout whit the hot one, FRIEND ZOOOOONEDDDDD.

The next week i hooked up with the 2ND, because i heard that she wanted me the night of the cards, she looked nice, but i didnt was able to go too far. virgin.

the 1st one heard of me hooking up whit the second one, they fight and ended not friends anymore, the less pretty one got crush one me, and i learn that she ''knew me before university'' stalker.

so we have the first and the third, and they make SUPER BEST FRIEND on the university.

the time passed, i respected the situation and play indiferent.... so, i get in the same class whit the hot one, and i have been w her for about a year. i like her and i want to enter in the game w her.... but guess what, she cannot do anything whit me because of her BEEEST FRIENDDDD.

...i waited for long, waiting that the less pretty forget the things.

we are now at 4 month of graduate, and the hot one are in my specialitation. what do you thing of this novella. yesterday the hot one accepted my invitation for a city event, but her car broke down, and i didnt have one at that moment, i wanted to invite her to another event this friday.... what do you think. r now, im 24 shes 22.