Hello! So a few weeks ago I was on a high school trip to a foreign country. During the visit I talked quite a lot with a girl from my language class and we got on very well. On the flight back home we talked during the entire flight and I thought: Man, this girl's something, I've got to ask her out!.
On the first day back home I was talking with a female friend of mine who's friends with her, suddenly she blurted out: "So you like X". Surprised I asked her why she thought so, but she quickly changed the subject.

"Oh boy, she's been talking about me with her friends, let's get the ball rolling!", I thought.

However, I never got that ball rolling. Now I sit here over a month later and I still haven't asked her out. I've always come up with some dumb excuse why now isn't the right time.
But during the past weeks we've kept talking during language class and we've always had great fun and I believe that I've managed to some how keep the attraction up. For instance, last week when I was about to walk home from school with a friend of mine I spotted her with a friend walking the same direction as we were going. They saw us and waved us over, so we headed over and walked with them. I didn't know who her friend was, but she clearly knew who I was..

So the problem is that I need to grow that pair of balls and get this done. Next weekend I'm going to leave town for a couple of days, then the week after that I won't be able to meet her either. That means that I basically have to alternatives: get it done this week or in three weeks. I'd rather pick the first alternative. To get that done I suspect that I'll have to ask her out through Facebook. Until now I've ruled out that as an alternative, I don't like the idea of not asking out in person. But there is a risk that we won't bump into each other as I'll miss the class next week, so I don't know if I have an alternative.

So my question to you is: Do you think it's a good idea to revert to Facebook? How do I make the best out of this situation?

Thanks in advance, treetard.