Haven't been here for a bit. I know theres quite a few college guys that know me on here. If you guys have any success or some useful advice/threads Ive missed please link to them.

So yeah. Daygames on and off. Went home for winter break. My towns a ghost town so no targets there really. Then came back.

For college, I dont get invited to a lot of parties, etc. which is fine since I dont have the time. Clubs are boring for me and really hard to do anything since a lot of them are like lectures. So yeah Ive been just approaching on campus.

Ive got a lot of this kind of stuff. Short interactions. Chats go decently well. Ask for facebook name. Look her up later that night. Can't find her name and/or find her and she ignores the request. -.-

My FB profile is kind of bad since I have very few pictures and I am NOT going to take pictures of myself.
I have a few of those from the few I have already. Not too many social interactions for pics -.- Not sure that's the reason this happens though.

Gotten a few accepts on facebook but like phone numbers and texting, it also just leads nowhere. (which is why I dont ask for numbers anymore) I message her and theres a bit of random small chat and it just goes dead.
Dont really have time for dates, don't think I can last an hour talking to them either, and Im thinking it's either because I find them boring or Im boring or I don't have 'game' or we just don't have things in common. But then again the ones who have accepted are not that tremendously attractive.

Of all the ones Ive approached, all of them seem to have flaws when I go up close to them. And yes, Ive been trying to approach only the hottest girls. Hmm, guess my school ain't filled with 10/10 girls I guess?

Thoughts, opinions, advice? May go back to asking for numbers again since Im just getting facebook style flakes now :/