Hi guys.

I need some help.

I messed a girl that im kinda intrested in and have been seeing out from time to time. started with she added me on FB and we had some conversations, then she looked up my phone-nr and sent me a text.
anyhow we havent talked in a while and today was here birthday. so i sent her a mess on fb with a simple "happy birthday" she repsonded and i didnt know what to write i froze. so i panic threw in a neg wich werent that great.

Me: why you look so sad on that pic? going to a funeral?
Her: i dont think i look sad "she did look sad"
Me: Just a little bit, on thursdays. :P (she called me gay one time for fun and i responded with, Just a little bit... On thursdays).

Her: Thanks alot :P

here i didnt know what to say rly, and was reading this forum some and found this line.
"I feel like a mad-scientist today… are you feelin like a super-hero?"

so i used it and got.
Hehe you dont say! Im feeling like i dont have time with facebook right now.

Me: good go do something important than just facebooking all day :P

I'm quite new to fb and texting game. and some critique and input here would be great.