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    RocketMan Guest

    Thumbs down Cheesy Pick Up Lines DO NOT WORK!

    Cheesy Pick Up Lines are awful and give us real PUAs a bad reputation. Funny Pick Up Lines are great.. when done situational - but not out of the blue as they just appear cheesy.

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    The only time I personally use cheesy pick up lines is when I am teaching students and want to get blown out on purpose to show them how to deal with Approach Anxiety.. the funny thing is.. my permission level and state are so in tune that it really doesn't matter sometimes and the cheesiest lines work because my body language and tone are correct.

    Just shows it doesn't really matter what you say.

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    RokStarz Guest


    Cheesy Pickup Lines Do Work... well according to this:

    Cheesy Pickup Lines

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    I want to try delivering a horrible, cheesy pick-up line with a look of utter disgust on my face, then say, "God, how can anyone think that would work?" I think it would be a great way to get the woman's attention, and start an interesting conversation.

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    Instinct Guest


    <-- total newbie, maybe you pros can make something of this as a guess...

    You could use this as a routine, but not an opener:

    "Do you think pick up lines work?"
    Cause I've got this friend Artie, and let me tell you, he gets me into so much trouble, this guy
    one time went to a bank, and I like to have fun as much as the next guy, but he's crazy!, He thought it would be funny if he wrote "Give me all the money, I;ve got a gun" on the withdrawl paper, what do you call that thing? (if she knows say, you must be rich, guess whos buying the next drink, if she doesn't, say you don't have any money or some shit?).Anyway, he tells the lady he's kidding and gets his cash and leaves, but, she already pushed the silent alarm.

    Do you believe in the mafia? This guy art, if there is a mafia, he found it, so he's dating this girl, and her father is connected, he goes to pick her up that evening, and her dad comes out with a gun firing. He takes off and comes to me, what a great guy!! But I don't leave my friends out to dry, so I took him, and we drove up north, you see, the guy robbed the bank, in his girlfriends, the mafioso's daughters, car! And the police apparently had come to get him!! anyway, we ended up driving up north for a month until things cooled off, and it turned into the best road trip you could imagine!

    What was I talking about?

    Oh yea pick up lines, do they work?
    The guy artie claims that if you say anything confidently enough it will work, like the book the secret, do you believe in that stuff? He believes in this theory so much so, that he walked up to a super model the other day did the "Do your feat hurt" line, do know that one? "Do your feat hurt, cause you've been walking through my head all day!" I know lame. But you know what! It worked! And now I'm starting to think all these years of studying and improving myself, and working out and socializing, have been wasted, all I needed was some liquid courage some bad ass confidence. Hold still (looks her in the eye and smiles) "Do your feet hurt?"

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    Bare_Legs Guest

    Default Re: Cheesy Pick Up Lines DO NOT WORK!

    Oh but even cheesy pick up lines work. A lot depend on the circumstances when they're used, like how the guy looks, what mood the girl was in at the time, if the party was raring, etc. And even funny pick up lines don't always work because you can just as easily catch a woman in a bad mood, or she may have an issue with something you said, or just simply lack the brains to process what was said and find humor in it.

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