You know, the more I think about it, you're right Duke. At first, the thought of Indirect Game and someone beating you to the punch was coming across cloudy to me. Don't know why. The more I think about it now, the more I realize that my Indirect Approach has actually FAILED. Sure, I'm on a good basis with the girls I sat next to, and I broke through one Bitch Shield, but I never got anywhere with them. Thank God they were not in my interest.

Another thing I now realize is that by going indirect, I betray the very principle that I have been trying to work by now for a while. If I play indirect, I am simply attempting to avoid failure by not being too direct. If I want success with women, I have to be bold, I have to be straight to the point, and I can't be willing to back down just because I think something is too soon. Yes, I do realize that timing is still important, but strategy is just as so.

I don't care that I was off on what I thought would be appropriate class pickup. This epiphany actually puts me one step closer to figuring out how to address this one girl that I do know in college. She isn't in any of my classes, but slowly and surely I'm figuring out a way to shoot some game with her.

Thank you Duke for being persistent and snapping some sense into me, I really do appreciate your help.