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    Default She was into me but slowly loosing interest?

    Heres the plot
    I have met that girl a week ago in the park. She was with her group of friends and I was with my group of friends. We went over to them and started talking(Some people from her group of friends already knew some poeple in my group of friends). We didnt really talked at first but whenever I looked at her I caught her looking at me everytime, so I knew right away that she was feeling me. Anyway a day have passed and she added me on facebook and we were talking literally ALL day long for like 3 days. She then invited me and my sister to come over to her place(She has a brother that's into my sis) so I figured why not. We had an amazing evening. Lots of 'accidental' touching etc. She even has a picture of me and her on her phone wallpaper LOL. On the way back to the metro we were even holding hands. So in the morning after that night I was trying to chat her on facebook for a chat but she wasnt on(which is wierd because she was online every single day before) She eventually came on and I started talkinto her but it was like tqlking to a brick wall. She kept giving me one word answers so I stopped the convo. Her brother invited us to their place again but this time she wasnt feeling me at all. Its like we were strangers. I tried making a convo with her couple of times but she just wasnt interested... Im very confused now because one day we were close and second day it was like we are complete strangera.... Any adivce on what to do? Should I just not talk to her for a while and give her space? Maybe she ia bored of me? I really dont know what is up. Also, Im meeting her tomorrow, not like 1 on 1 but in a group of friends. Can anyone advice me what to do?
    Thanks in advance and sorry for the wall of text!

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    Default Re: She was into me but slowly loosing interest?

    Talking to her all day long for three days straight?

    That's what went wrong, I would bet 20 bucks on it.

    She probably got bored of you after talking to her that long. The thing gotta act like you have other stuff/interests to do in life besides just talking to her. I'm not saying that's what happened, but reading your post, that's the only thing that comes to mind. You gotta act less needy and pretend you don't need her 24/7.

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