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    Default Now that she FINALLY broke up with her bf....

    I have known this girl for a couple of years and we hit it off from the get go. There was an undeniable connection between us (interests, sense of humor, outlook on life, hobbies, our witty and inappropriate banter etc)

    I quickly found out she had a bf through mutual friends, but that did not stop me and her from talking a lot and HEAVILY flirting and doing innaporpiate things ( we never kissed or had sex, but we definitely crossed the line with things we said to each other and a few picture exchanges).

    The seduction between us reached a boiling point and I broke down....I said "screw it" and layed it out there that I liked her more than a friend and she can do with that what she wishes....then it got ugly....

    Initially she wanted to talk about it (we never did), but then after a few days she was FUMING mad at me ( about something insignificant that had nothing to do with what I said) and we didnt talk for months.

    We eventually talked again, some flirting, but mostly friendly fun banter and were trying to get together to hang out since we havent seen each other in a loooong time. She became adamant about hanging out...when we finally did get together for dinner she then she told me she broke it off with her bf of 5 years.

    Sounds good right? The thing is that she is a really good girl. She was struggling to be with her guy for years because she wanted to make it work (hes a good guy and has a lot going for him...but hes boring as fuck and they seemed to have a brotherly/sisterly type of love devoid of passion and excitement). So understandably shes sad, depressed, confused, lonely, etc..... but she still comes to me to talk when shes sad, wants to laugh, asks me about my life, etc

    Soooooo my question is this..... she is understandibly needy and in a fragile place. I want to be there for her but I dont want to be in the friendzone ( and i have a feeling she doesnt want to be either because she apologizes a lot for "dumping/venting" on me and often times wants to stop because she feels she sounds too depressing).....shou ld I keep a distance and let her work this out on her own? But how do I make sure I am not totally out of the picture and she resorts to falling back to her ex? Be there for her when she needs to talk, but how do i make sure not to fall into a friendzone?

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    Default Re: Now that she FINALLY broke up with her bf....

    Not an expert or anything-but maybe try to be there for her without getting involved too deeply..if that makes any sense.

    She already broke up with the guy of 5 years and both of you went out to dinner together. Maybe call her and ask if she wants to go out for dinner again or something.

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