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    SoCalista Guest

    Default Rule #2 - Don't Be Her Friend

    It's OK to talk to girls as friends.

    BUT it is not OK to talk to girls like you care about them like a girlfriend.

    What I mean is... you have a friend that is a girl. She likes to tell you EVERYTHING about her life. Who she likes, who she dislikes... she's telling you about the guy's she dates, she's telling you all the reasons why she needs to break up with him (but she never does).

    She cries on your shoulder for support because, you think, eventually she'll figure out how much you her. But you're too scared to talk to her about YOUR feelings, you just listen to hers.

    And she tells you more about her jerk boyfriend. (He's the guy that punches you, gives you dirty looks... a real jerk.) And she tells you that she's thinking about breaking up with him.

    And, sooner or later, she does. She's suddenly single.

    And it takes you a couple of days to prepare yourself to ash her out, to tell her that you like her, more than as just a friend.

    And, just as you have finally mustered up the courage to tell her, she tells you that now she's dating "So-and-so".

    So you're JUST friends again. And she tells you about her new jerk boyfriend. And all her other troubles. And your heart is breaking.

    So what did you do wrong?

    You became "more than just a friend" without laying down the ground rules of the relationship. You're such a sweet little puppy of a guy that ANY attention was good attention, you figured.... but you were wrong. You ARE wrong.

    It's true that even the water-boy get's on the field once in a while, but only the players PLAY.

    Don't become her "girlfriend". Don't be afraid to say "You know, that sounds really deep, but I think another girl will understand it. I'm just a guy that wants a kiss."

    Now, you may not get the kiss, but you certainly move yourself from almost certain "girlfriend" territory into being a possible boyfriend. So memorize that. You'll need it and you can thank me in just a bit.

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    Tomcat Guest


    I agree, but is there any..well, less direct way to make the transition?

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